Old Greenwich Capital Partners is a boutique alternative asset management firm offering

  • Access to direct investment opportunities

  • Proprietary and multi-asset class deal flow

  • Secondary's and co-investment across private equity


OGCP offers an investment platform that utilizes the proprietary Canal Lock System* (CLS) which ensures a thorough assessment / series of locks. These locks become safeguards, collars around conviction and the tests required to protect capital from short and along-term capital impairment. OGCP has been stalwart in the use of CLS, protecting capital for institutional and private investors. - CEO of Multi billion dollar family office.


Jeff Arsenault is the Founder & CEO of Old Greenwich Capital Partners, a NYC-based firm which provides unique access to hard-to-source investment opportunities across private markets including venture, hedge funds and private equity.

For over three decades, institutions and private investors have trusted Jeff's judgement and acumen in the sourcing, building and distribution of investment products as well as the co-investment partnerships established in sourcing one-off private deals for his discriminating network.




  • OGCP is an alternative asset manager founded in 2005

  • Offering institutional and qualified investors a la carte access to direct investment opportunities

  • Proprietary and multi-asset class deal flow sourced from independent sponsors, private equity, venture capital, hedge fund, and real estate managers

  • We utilize several qualitative and quantitative processes to locate potential partners and transactions that meet our criteria

  • Secondary's and co-investment across private equity

  • The number of US public companies continues to decline in part because companies remain private longer resulting in increasing number of highly valued private companies

  • Funding their growth through private market transactions

  • Strong evidence that growth in private markets is not simply a cyclical phenomenon, but rather a reaction to structural changes in capital markets driven by changes in regulation

We have a presence throughout North America and Europe with endowment's and family offices. We continue to see demand for facilitating and co-investing in secondary transactions. Our continued goal is to align ourselves with strategic, trusted partners, acting as an intermediary between investors and shareholders of pre-IPO technology companies.




Private markets vs Public markets return profile


3 Year Return Pre vs Post IPO


+400% vs. +160%


+380% vs. 0%


+340% vs. 0%

Trusted by great companies around the globe

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OGCP Ventures focuses on growth equity investing. OGCP diligently seeks to identify, and utilizing its broad network of contacts, obtain shares in pre-public companies that we believe are market leading, late-stage, venture-backed private emerging growth companies. We seek well-known firms with strong strategic positions. As principal investors, we remain highly selective in our process.


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