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August 2022, Issue # 17

  • The Gaming Boom

  • Epic Games: Bringing Games to Life

  • Consensys: Dive into Web3


July 2022, Issue # 16

  • 2022: A Year in Review

  • Flexport, Transforming Shipping and Logistics

  • Investing to create a Sustainable Future

  • Automation Anywhere: The Future of a Digital Workforce


June 2022, Issue # 15

  • Key Markets Insights

  • Investing in Psychedelics: An Overview

  • Delix Therapeutics: Pushing the frontiers of Neuroplasticity

  • Beckley Psytech: Next Generation of Psychedelic Medicines


May 2022, Issue # 14

  • Twitter Going Private

  • OpenSea: Building an Open Digital Economy

  • NotCo: Plant-based Food, Why Not?


April 2022, Issue # 13

  • CES Highlights: A Glimpse of The Future

  • Unity: Make Imaginations Come To Life

  • Decentraland: The Virtual World In Your Hands

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January 2022, Issue # 12

  • Letter to Our Readers

  • The Continued Boom of IPOs - Most Anticipated Exits of 2022

  • Changing Environment and Philosophy of Investment Firms - Specialized Investors Taking a Wholistic View


December 2021, Issue # 11

  • 2021 Recap: What Happened in the VC Space This Year?

  • Nexme: Purchase a Home With Those Focused on Your Best Interests.

  • Impossible Foods: Same Flavor, Less Footprint


November 2021, Issue # 10

  • Into the Metaverse: How Will Investing Change?

  • Donut Media: A Hole In One Of a Company

  • Calm: Changing Lives With Mindfullness


October 2021, Issue # 9

  • Are Health and Wellness Companies Just Another Phase?

  • Lyra Health: Addressing the Problems with Mental Healthcare 

  • Actipulse Neuroscience: Bringing Mental Healthcare to Your Home


September 2021, Issue # 8

  • US Exchange Listings - How Many Foreign Companies Go Public in USA? 

  • Rappi: A LATAM Delivery App or Something Much More? 

  • PORTL: Making Our Childhood SciFi Dreams ComeTrue 

  • Altoid: A New Hope for the Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease


August 2021, Issue # 7

  • DiDi's IPO - A Concern for Investors? 

  • ByteDance: A Social Media Giant Taking the World by Storm 

  • EcoFlow: A Mission to Provide Sustainable and Efficient Power to the Globe 

  • ID Plans: Ensuring Old School Property Management is a Thing of the Past


July 2021, Issue # 6

  • What's Fueling the Rise of Crypto and DeFi? 

  • Toucan: A Convenient Way to Learn New Languages 

  • Capsule: Mixing of the Old and New Ways to Get Medications 

  • CyberReason: Combatting Ransomware and Upsetting Hackers


June 2021, Issue # 5

  • What's Happening in the World of Valuations?

  • Sports Funds: The Emergence of a New Asset Class

  • Toast: Managing Restaurants has Never Been Easier

  • Boom Supersonic: Building on a Legacy and Changing the World 


May 2021, Issue # 4

  • First Day Listings for Tech IPOs: Temporary Cooling or a Correction Trend? 

  • The Boring Company: Start of a 30 Minute Reality 

  • Clubhouse: Taking Social Media to a New Level 


April 2021, Issue # 3

  • Caution: Using the -Tech Branding 

  • Epic Games: An Ecosystem for the Digital Universe 

  • CaaStle: Redefining the Fashion Business


March 2021, Issue # 2

  • Collision: The House Committee Hearing on Gamestop

  • Coursera: Contributing to the Growth of EdTech 

  • Trading Platform, Social Network, or Both? 

  • Tarform: Envisioning the Future of Vehicles


February 2021, Issue # 1

  • Rivian Automative: The Upcoming Name in the EV Space

  • PAX Gold: The Gold-Backed Digital Asset Hits $100 Million Market Cap

  • SpaceX: Record Batch of Satellites Launched as "Mission to Mars Continues" 

  • Ocient: Boom in Analytics Sees Successful Funding Round for Data Start-Up


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