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OGCP Monthly: October 2022

We have come a long way since mankind’s first steps on moon. From multiple unmanned trips to many of our space neighbors, manufacturing and launch of network satellites, space stations, and even rockets that will allow us to visit and populate other planets in the future. With this outlook in mind, we will showcase a few companies in the space that we believe are shaping the future and could prove to be the next big players.


The Space Industry

Experts believe that a further decline in the cost of accessing space would create more opportunities, new services, and of course, new companies. With the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9, costs dropped 30x compared to NASA’s. Citibank estimates that the industry should reach $1T in annual revenue by 2040, with launch costs dropping 95% and opening the space to innovative breakthroughs.

Axiom Space: A New ISS is Born Axiom Space is a company that is primarily interested in making space a place for life and work. Founded in 2016 by Kam Ghaffarian and Michael Suffredini, the team is composed largely of former NASA employees that share the same enthusiasm for space exploration. The company looks to sell space flights to people, providing 8-day missions to the ISS; in other words, they are trying to make commercial space flights happen.

Muon Space: Powering Climate Intelligence

Muon Space is a climate-focused satellite company catalyzing the fight against climate change by powering climate intelligence. Through a network of sensors in space and expertise to turn the data set into actionable insights, Muon is revolutionizing our ability to understand, predict and model future changes in the Earth system.

All.Space: Extending Global Connectivity

All.Space, previously known as Isotropic Systems, is a British manufacturer of next generation antennas connecting satellite networks in geoorbital space. Envisioned with the purpose to reduce costs within the space sector and increase operational efficiencies, the firm is accelerating production to meet the demand from satellite constellation production firms.

Quantum Xchange: Safeguarding Cybersecurity

Founded in 2018, Quantum Xchange is an enterprise cybersecurity company focused on creating an entirely re-imagined version of data encryption. Their unique key delivery system and crypto diverse management platform was built to help companies effectively execute cryptographic policies, to stay ahead of the evolving cybersecurity landscape.


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Disclaimer: This Focus List is a proprietary list of the top-5 private companies for which OGCP is currently interested in completing a transaction. This is list based off the various opportunities and demand OGCP has seen for the private companies in the private markets as well as companies OGCP feels are a good investment. Companies on this list are included at the discretion of the author and are subject to change. There is no assurance that any company on the Focus List will be a profitable investment for investors. The Focus List is for informative purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice.

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