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OGCP Papers: The Fintech Industry

2021 was a record-breaking year for VC investments in fintech but fintech unicorn valuations have fallen hard in 2022. In this issue, we explore what is the fintech ecosystem, future of fintech, and innovations in the fintech sector.


VC Outlook

The Fintech VC marketplace is expected to see strong growth in 2023. Many of the same drivers are in place: a steady increase in venture capital investment, an increasingly supportive regulatory environment, and expanded access and connectivity between disparate data points. However, investors may be looking for smaller funding rounds and projects with higher potential returns.

What can we expect for 2023?

  • Big growth trajectories for environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-focused fintech products and firms

  • More M&A activity.derdeveloped regions

  • More M&A activity

  • The continued rise of embedded services


Fintech Ecosystem

  • Capital Markets

  • Consumer Finance

  • DeFi & Crypto

  • Financial Solutions

  • Mortgage & Lending

  • Payments

  • Regtech

  • Wealthtech


Key Themes & Emerging Opportunities

  • Embedded Finance

  • DeFi Lending Market

  • Cybersecurity in Fintech

  • Blockchain

  • Non-dilutive Financing

  • Student Finance

  • Corporate Finance Management


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